List Of Top 26 Foods That Help To Lower Cholesterol

There can be certainly a very long list of foods that help in lowering cholesterol levels when each and every food is mentioned. It will be better by just knowing the list of top 26 foods that help to lower cholesterol and are good for health. You may know that fatty meats, ice cream and butter increase cholesterol levels, but are you aware which foods can make up a low cholesterol diet? If not, you can learn them by just giving a glance at this article.

Here is the list of top 26 foods that help to lower cholesterol:

1. Baked foods – whole grain rolls and breads, homemade and low-fat muffins, waffles, pancakes and biscuits made with polyunsaturated oil or margarine and non-fat milk. When going for homemade recipes, you can use egg whites or its substitutes once in a week.
2. Cereals – dry or cooked barley, bran and oats
3. Rice and Pasta – wild rice, white rice, brown rice (most preferred), macaroni, spaghetti and noodles.
4. Tortillas – corn flour made soft with unsaturated oils.
5. Snacks/Crackers – unsalted popcorn, pretzels, crackers made with mono/polyunsaturated oil or air popper.
6. Poultry – skinless chicken and turkey.
7. Lean meats – lamb (leg, arm, loin), beef (sirloin, round, loin, chuck, ground/super lean beef), pork (fresh, tenderloin, shoulder-arm), trim visible fat.
8. Organ meats – take liver in place of one whole egg, limit to one 3 to 4 oz serving per week.
9. Eggs – low cholesterol egg substitutes and egg whites, limit 4 egg yolks per week and in step-1 and limit one egg yolk per week in step-2.
10. Cheese – part-skim or skim milk cheese like hoop, farmers, bakers, ricotta, mozzarella pot cheese and cottage cheese, special low cholesterol and low fat cheeses.
11. Seafood – mackerel, swordfish, salmon, albacore tuna, blue, pollack and walleye. Seafoods like eel, shrimp, squid and oysters can be taken once a week.
12. Beans – lentils, peas, dried beans and tofu. Peanut butter can be limited to 2 tbsp a day.
13. Wild game – deer, elk, rabbit, pheasant, squirrel and wild duck.
14. Yogurt – prepared from non-fat or skim milk.
15. Milk – skim milk, non-fat milk, lactose reduced milk and buttermilk.
16. Creams – made from polyunsaturated oils
17. Fruits – unsweetened dried and fresh fruits, frozen or canned fruits, all unsweetened fruit juices are preferable and light syrup is good.
18. Vegetables – low-sodium canned, frozen and fresh vegetables, vegetable juices with low-sodium content.
19. Margarine – made with liquid oil as the main ingredient and unsaturated fats, tub margarine is preferable.
20. Polyunsaturated fats – safflower, sunflower, soybean, corn, sesame and cottonseed oils; monounsaturated fats like peanuts, olive and canola oils.
21. Seeds and Nuts –
unsalted sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds.
22. Salad dressings – prepared with unsaturated oils.
23. Beverages – mineral or sparkling water, seltzer and unsweetened club soda; tea, coffee and postum (roasted grain beverage).
24. Desserts – homemade varieties prepared with margarine or unsaturated oils, 1% or skim milk, egg whites or egg substitutes; angel food cake; gelatin; ginger snaps, fruit whips; fruit ice, sorbet and sherbet lime – two ½ cup a week; puddings, low-fat frozen desserts, junkets and custards made with egg substitutes and non-fat milk.
25. Sauces and Soups – low-salt, fat-free broth, bouillon and consomme; sauces made with low-fat and non-fat milk, homemade soups with skim or low-fat cream.
26. Other foods – herbs, spices, lemon juice, pepper, onion and garlic powder; catsup, Tabasco, vinegar, mustard, jam, relishes, unsweetened marmalade and jelly.

Before going on a diet of low cholesterol foods, it is good to seek suggestions from a nutritionist so that more effective ways of lowering cholesterol may be suggested. A balanced menu can be made with the above given top 26 list of foods that help lower cholesterol.

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