Women Heart Attack Symptoms

Research studies show that women and men differ in the heart attack condition and its symptoms.

Women heart attack symptoms

do not show the typical symptoms like pressure in heart and chest pain which men experience.

Women heart attack symptoms

are unnoticeable and are usually misunderstood for other illnesses. As the early noticeable heart attack symptoms in women are ignored, it leads to a condition where the urge of treatment can only be sought at the last minute.

It is estimated that the major cause of deaths in women of the United states is heart attack and the statistics show that nearly 460,000 women suffer every year in the US from heart attacks.

Risk Factors for Women Heart Attack

Knowing about the risk factors for heart attack or heart disease is the right thing before knowing about the women heart attack symptoms. The factors that play an important role in women getting heart disease are as follows:

  • Reduced Estrogen

    Estrogen hormone in women helps in maintaining the optimal Good cholesterol levels and thereby protects the heart. Due to hormonal imbalances or menopausal effects, the estrogen levels are reduced causing a greater risk of heart attacks in women.

  • Smoking

    Smoking lowers the good cholesterol levels in blood and this leads to reduction in blood flow to the heart. Women who smoke are found to be at higher risk of getting a heart attack and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

  • High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure –

    High levels of bad cholesterol in blood causes plaque formation in walls of blood vessels and disturbs the blood flow to heart leading to heart attack. High blood pressure can also cause strain on the heart leading to risk of heart attack.

  • Diabetes –

    Women with diabetes are at a greater risk of getting heart attacks .

  • Family History –

    Individuals with coronary heart disease can easily pass on the condition to the next generation and develop the risk of heart attack and CHD.

Having any one of the above risk factors can also increase the chance for a woman to develop a heart attack.

Women Heart Attack Symptoms – Early Stage

Many women do not experience heart pressure or chest pain experienced by men during heart attacks. The symptoms start only a few weeks before the heart attack. The early symptoms of heart attack observed in women are:

  • Being short of breath –

    This symptom is mostly ignored by many women. Research studies show that women who have shortness of breath are more likely to die from heart disorder than women who do not have.

  • Fatigue and Weakness –

    Many women experience severe fatigue and a feeling of weakness at the earlier stages. Mostly women tend to ignore these symptoms. Studies show that nearly 71% women have fatigue before getting a heart attack.

  • Disturbed sleep –

    Women having heart attacks experience disturbed sleep pattern from a few weeks before the heart attack.

  • Nausea and Vomiting –

    Women heart attack symptoms like nausea, vomiting and indigestion are confused with stomach disorders. But, these symptoms can be silent symptoms of heart attacks in women.

  • Anxiety –

    Feelings of uneasiness and anxiety are experienced before heart attacks in women.

Women Heart Attack Symptoms – Acute

Women also experience heart attacks that are sudden and stronger. Women heart attack symptoms during acute attacks include:

  • Sweating –

    Women experience break outs of cold sweats though the environment is warm.

  • Pain in chest, back or arm –

    Women heart attack symptoms like pain in the chest, back, neck and jaw can arise at the onset of heart attack.

  • Feeling faint–

    Shortness of breath and dizziness are experienced during the onset of heart attack.

Women should seek medical help immediately as soon as they recognize the heart attack symptoms and risk factors. Women heart attack symptoms begin to appear a few months before the onset of heart attack.

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