Exercise and Cholesterol – The Relation

The best way to lower cholesterol is by performing regular exercises. It even offers many health benefits on top of that. The

exercise and


are very much related. Research studies have shown that performing 30 minutes of physical exercises at least 3 days a week helps in controlling and even preventing the high cholesterol buildup. Exercises not only help in lowering bad cholesterol levels but also increases good cholesterol levels.

Exercise and


– An Overview

Exercise is the best way to lower cholesterol. It not only helps lower bad cholesterol, but also raises good cholesterol. Research studies revealed that exercise lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol by 10 – 20%. exercise on combination with a low cholesterol diet helps.


One of the important things to control or prevent cholesterol is being in physical active state. It can even reduce the risk for heart ailments.

To become physically active, it does not take much effort. The simplest thing you can do is to perform moderate exercises for 30 minutes at least 3 days a week. Such exercises include bicycling, brisk walking, gardening and raking leaves.

Before going for any exercises, you should always check with a physician if you:

  • Have any serious health condition
  • Have a family history of heart disorders
  • Are above 50 years of age
  • Had a previous heart attack and have heart troubles

How to start with exercise program?

Begin doing 30 minutes of any moderate exercise on most days of the week and it is even better if done regularly on all days. You can perform gardening, bicycling, brisk walking, etc. Or else you can do exercises in shorter periods instead of doing altogether in 30 minutes at a stretch. For example:

  • Get off the bus one to two stops before and walk till the destination.
  • Instead of elevator, use stairs.
  • Park your vehicle at the far end of the workplace.

Exercise and


– Considerations

The health benefits of exercise are many. If exercise were the things that were available in medication form, it would be the widely recommended medication for its benefits. Other than cholesterol lowering, it can even lower the risk of:

  • Developing heart disease
  • Developing diabetes condition
  • Early death
  • Developing high blood pressure

After reading this article on cholesterol and exercises and their relation, you can certainly come up with a good exercise plan to lower and control the cholesterol and its buildup.

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