Stress and High Cholesterol a�� The Relation

Although high cholesterol is not a cause of stress or nervous tension, research studies on the relation between

stress and

high cholesterol

have shown that incessant stress can lead to increase in cholesterol levels in the blood. For instance, eating fatty foods under stressed out conditions can develop high cholesterol in the blood. However the stress management methods to put down stress can help in reducing the desire to overeat.

Stress and

High Cholesterol

– How are they related?

When an individual is diagnosed with high cholesterol condition, it is not that it may be a cause of high stressed condition, nervous, obsessive or overanxious conditions. It is not even caused by overstressed or nervous tension conditions. Even individuals who are very calm can develop high cholesterol in their bloodstream.

Impact of Stress and

High Cholesterol 

The direct cause of high cholesterol is not stress, but certain research studies show that long-term stress can cause an increase in cholesterol levels. The way stress affects cholesterol levels is when people are under stress, it may affect lifestyle habits. For instance, to stay away from stress, people may prefer eating fatty foods to console themselves. The fats and cholesterol content in the fatty foods can therefore lead to high cholesterol level buildup.

High Cholesterol and Stress – Recommendations

Though stress management methods may not help in reducing high cholesterol, they provide certain other benefits like help in controlling overeating, make one feel better and lessen the need for cigarettes and alcohol.

If you are too stressed in your life, try out simple methods to beat out stress such as relax for a short time period even during work. Meditation, getting a massage and yoga are also helpful to beat the stress and high cholesterol. Give some time to relax and try do do the things you really enjoy.

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