What Is A Good Cholesterol Count?

More and more people want to get better in order to have a healthier life. The basic thing to be considered is getting your cholesterol levels checked.

A good cholesterol count

is a bit hard to obtain. Cholesterol levels are the indicator of heart ailments. The recommended cholesterol levels have changed over the past few decades. The cholesterol count once considered good is right now considered to be dangerous and borderline.

Cholesterol is found in all cell membrane tissues which is a lipid transported through blood plasma. It is a very important substance which plays an important role in some body functions. A certain level is acceptable but if these levels rise too high, it leads to excess buildup in bloodstream. Excess cholesterol causes damage to blood vessels by blocking them that will lead to heart conditions like heart attacks and heart diseases.

Good cholesterol

also called

high density lipoprotein (HDL)

helps in maintaining and controlling cholesterol levels in the body. It carries the bad cholesterol to the liver from where they are eliminated.

Bad cholesterol

also called

low density lipoprotein (LDL)

is not a good type of cholesterol. It transports cholesterol and triglycerides to the tissues and leads to dangerous buildup causing serious health issues.

A good cholesterol count

is when the total cholesterol levels are below 200mg/dL, good cholesterol levels are above 40mg/dL and bad cholesterol levels below 100 mg/dL. This count is considered to be an optimal range. In women, the good cholesterol count of HDL cholesterol is more than 50 mg/dL.


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