Cooking Tips To Lower High Cholesterol

Are you aware of the fact that the best way to lower high cholesterol levels is to lessen the intake of fatty foods and prepare your own healthy food. The following article gives some cooking tips to lower high cholesterol that can help you to lessen cholesterol and fats in your diet.

Most of the foods can be prepared by substituting lower-fat ingredients. Here is a list of foods that show you the substitute ingredients for each and every high fat food. Also, certain healthiest cooking methods are discussed.

Foods That Can Be Substituted in Cooking

  • Instead of egg yolks and whole eggs – Use egg whites or egg substitutes
  • Instead of butter – Use liquid margarine, butter flavored granules, unsaturated vegetable oils, herbs and spices for food flavor
  • Instead of sour cream and regular yogurt – Use non-fat sour cream and non-fat yogurt
  • Instead of mayonnaise – Use low-fat or non-fat mayonnaise, mustard and nonfat yogurt
  • Instead of whole milk – Use skimmed milk
  • Instead of potato chips – Use baked or low fat chips
  • Instead of whole milk sour cream – Use low-fat or non-fat sour cream or yogurt
  • Instead of whole-milk cheese – Use non-fat, low-fat or reduced fat cheese
  • Instead of whole milk ice cream – Use non-fat, low-fat ice cream, low-fat yogurt or ice milk
  • Instead of regular salad dressings – Use low-fat or non-fat salad dressings and vinegars
  • Instead of coconut oil, palm kernel oil or palm oil – Use unsaturated oils like sunflower, safflower, olive or canola oils

Try to use as much less fat as you can while preparing recipes. For example, if the recipe requires 1 cup of butter, you take ½ cup of butter and ¼ cup of prune puree instead. For preparing prune puree, take 1 1/3 cups pitted prunes and add 6 tbsp of warm water. Blend them in a mixer to make a cup of it. For baked products, use 1 cup of applesauce instead of 1 cup butter and this still gives the same great and moist effect.

Here are a few healthiest cooking tips to lower high cholesterol:

  • Always use non-stick pans.
  • Broil, bake, steam, microwave, grill, poach or fry with a little amount of oil.
  • Instead of liquid oil or butter, use vegetable oil. For cooking, use wine, fruit juices or defatted broth.
  • As an alternative to whole milk products, use thicken soups and sauces with 1% or skimmed milk and little cornstarch or flour added to it.
  • For protein sources, eat non animal foods like lentils, peas, beans and tofu one to two times a week.
  • Add more vegetables to your diet as they contain soluble fiber that helps lower high cholesterol levels. Dietary fiber is rich in foods like:
    • Oranges
    • Oats
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Pears
    • Dried beans and peas
    • Carrots

Here is a sample of low cholesterol recipe that is very easy to prepare and is also more nutritious. Let's have a look at the method of preparation.


  • Egg plant – 1 small unit, cut into small slices
  • Red sweet peppers – 2 small units, cut into wide strips
  • Mushrooms – 6 with stems removed
  • Zucchinis – 3, sliced
  • Lemon juice – ¼ cup
  • Essential oil – ¼ cup
  • Basil – ¼ cup, chopped coarsely
  • Garlic – 2 cloves, peeled and mashed

Method of Preparation

  • Take a medium sized bowl and put eggplant, red peppers, fresh mushrooms and zucchinis in it.
  • Take another medium sized bowl and add lemon juice (freshly squeezed), extra virgin olive oil, garlic and basil and whisk all these ingredients. Add this mixture over the vegetables in such a way that the vegetables are covered entirely.
  • Keep this in a refrigerator for at least one hour to marinate.
  • Preheat a grill to high heat. Now place these marinated vegetables on the heated grill and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Frequently marinate the vegetables until you get the desired variety.

Hope these cooking tips help you in lowering high cholesterol levels and help you lead a risk-less life from heart diseases.

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