Cholesterol-Reducing Diet Plan

High cholesterol is the main contributing factor for both heart stroke and disease. The condition can be caused due to improper dietary habits. But, following a cholesterol-reducing diet plan helps in lowering the high cholesterol levels. Making only a few dietary changes can help reduce cholesterol levels. Many doctors suggest patients to follow a cholesterol-reducing diet plan that includes the following given dietary tips.

Reduce Fats

The best way to start a cholesterol-reducing diet plan is to eat lesser fats. Saturated fats should be avoided as they are responsible for boosting up the cholesterol levels. Animal foods are the sources of saturated fats, thus you should eat only lean poultry foods. Also consume fat-free milk or soy milk instead of whole milk and reduce the intake of eggs and cheese.

Limit Intake of Cholesterol

The next important dietary plan to go ahead is to restrict high cholesterol foods. Though the high cholesterol foods are not the actual cause for cholesterol build up in the body, it is better to avoid them. The largest sources of cholesterol are cheese, egg yolk, shrimp, beef and all animal derived products.

Lose Excess Weight

Obesity can contribute mainly to cholesterol build up. Losing even a few pounds helps to lower cholesterol levels and thus, improves health. While on cholesterol-reducing diet plan, you should limit the intake of certain diet plans. For instance, intake of high protein diet enhances the high cholesterol condition. Eating high fiber foods, consuming excess water and performing exercises can help in losing weight.

Fiber content in foods aids in weight loss. It makes the person feel full in stomach and even has a cleansing property. Fiber foods along with exercises greatly help to reduce weight, assisting in cholesterol-reducing diet plan.

Fruits and Vegetables

A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables helps the best in reducing high cholesterol. These contain high minerals and vitamins enough for health. They even contain fiber and antioxidants which lower the cholesterol and help lose weight.

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