How Does Flax Seed Help Lower Cholesterol

Flaxseed is a very healthy whole grain which benefits the body system in lowering high cholesterol levels. It can be mixed in baked products or can be just sprinkled over foods. If you are suffering from high cholesterol levels, it is time for you to know about the various remedies that help lower high cholesterol. Flax seed is one such natural remedy and is very effective. You may be wondering how does

flax seed help lower cholesterol

. To know about its effects on cholesterol and benefits, read the following content.

What Does Flax Seed Contain?

Flax seed contains a type of essential fatty acid called,

alpha linolenic acid

, which is similar to omega-3 fatty acid present in fish like mackerel and salmon. This helps in enabling the body to eliminate the bad cholesterol. Flax seed also contains another compound called


that provides fiber to the body. Fiber is therefore helpful in eliminating the cholesterol from the bloodstream.

Studies on Flax Seed Effect on Cholesterol

  • Research studies made on flax seed and cholesterol showed that flax seeds help lower total and bad cholesterol levels. It also showed that alpha linolenic acid present in them has the ability to lower triglycerides and reduce blood pressure. It also avoids platelets from sticking on the walls of the arteries thus, lowering heart attack chances. Look through niall mcguinness for details on this topic.A�It was concluded that flax seed consumption reduced the cholesterol levels by 6%.
  • A study was made at the Oklahoma State University, where flax seed supplements were given to the individuals with high cholesterol. They showed a reduction in their cholesterol levels and also reduction in a protein that promotes heart attack in case of high cholesterol.
  • In another study, they considered only women who were given bread and muffins that contained about 38 gm of flax seed. After a period of 6 weeks, the supplements were not given for about 2 weeks. Later after 2 weeks, flax seed supplement mixed in another flour was given for another 6 weeks.

Research Findings

These studies revealed that flax seed lowered the total cholesterol by 6.9% and bad cholesterol by 14.7%. Moreover, ground flax seed produced more effects on cholesterol lowering than whole flax seeds. Flax seeds contain more amounts of omega-3 fatty acids compared to fish. But, they are present in the from of alpha linolenic acid that again gets converted to omega-3 fatty acids.

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