Diets For Stroke Victims

A stroke occurs when there is no enough blood flow to the brain and moreover the brain tissues are damaged. This condition arises when there is excess build up of fats and toxins in the arteries that clog them due to high blood pressure. Eating a well balanced diet is the best to recover from a stroke. Thus, while choosing

diets for stroke victims

, you should choose foods that will help in recovering the stroke and preventing another stroke attack.

The diets for stroke victims include the following dietary tips:

Consider the effects of medications

Certain medications taken for stroke interact with the food you eat. For instance, warfarin drug (helps prevent blood clots) interacts with vitamin K in food. Hence, make sure that if you are a stroke victim who is on warfarin drug intake, take a consistent amount of vitamin K foods. Do not increase or reduce the amount of vitamin K intake as it can cause hemorrhages (abnormal blood flow). Always know the medication effects and take the diet accordingly.

Decrease sodium (salt) intake

Excess salts raise the blood volume leading to high blood pressure and stroke. Its is best to choose salt-free alternatives and always check the amount of salt you are taking. Avoid foods with salt seasonings, junk foods and fried food as they worsen the condition more.

Include potassium in the diet

Potassium helps in reducing the sodium levels and thus foods rich in potassium content should be consumed. Potassium rich food include bananas, oranges, avocados, tomatoes, prunes, spinach and potatoes. But you should be careful if you are on warfarin drug intake.

Avoid cholesterol rich foods

Excess of cholesterol and fat in the diet is a major factor for stroke. The condition may aggravate if you take diet of dairy products, meat and processed foods. Instead, take lean meat products and low-fat foods.

Take plenty of fruits and vegetables

Consume more amounts of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins. They provide the necessary fiber to the body to flush out the toxins and fast from the body system and thus, help to recover from stroke. Even excess fiber intake is also not a good option.

Choose grains in the diet

Grains, especially whole grains are very effective in lowering cholesterol levels in the body.they thus, help in preventing the stroke risks.

Consume omega-3 rich foods

Omega-3 fatty acids serve a good purpose in treating high cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. They are abundant in fish like mackerel and salmon. Regular consumption of fish in diet prevent the recurrence of stroke.

Avoid fried foods

Fried foods increase the chances of cholesterol build up in the body and thus, increase the risk of stroke. Instead, consume foods that are steamed or baked.

Take smaller meals

Instead of taking large meals at a time, try to eat smaller meals. If the food intake is in excess, it develops the chance of getting another stroke effect.

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