Can Milk Thistle Help Lower Cholesterol?

Milk thistle is a widely used medicinal herb that has got many natural properties. The scientific name of milk thistle is Silybum marianum and the plant has a wild look with unusual blossoms.the leaves, seeds and fruits are used to treat many disease conditions along with high cholesterol.

Milk thistle help lower cholesterol

very effectively.

Milk Thistle Benefits

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the milk thistle supplements help in lowering the bad cholesterol levels. This medicinal herb is also used in treating conditions like diabetes, heartburn, hepatitis Band C, gallbladder problems, spleen disorders, food poisoning, liver damage and malaria. It also prevents the onset of some forms of cancers.

Research Findings

Research studies on milk thistle effects on cholesterol were performed at the Institute of Medicinal Plants located in Tehran, Iran. They performed a clinical trial to observe the milk thistle effect on blood glucose levels in diabetics. It was observed that milk thistle not only helped in bringing down the blood glucose levels to normal but, also lowered the total cholesterol, bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


  • Milk thistle is safer to use for lowering cholesterol levels. It is not good for nursing mothers and pregnant women as it causes allergic reactions.
  • Some people may also experience diarrhea, indigestion and nausea from taking milk thistle.
  • It also affects estrogen levels in the body and thus, it should not be taken if you have any form of cancer.

In What Forms is Milk Thistle Available?

Milk thistle is available in capsule, tea, extract, tablet, tincture or powder forms. Each form has an active substance called, silymarin which is present in milk thistle.

In addition to milk thistle supplements, you should also follow a healthy lifestyle that include quitting smoking, perform regular exercises, eating a well balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

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