Some Cholesterol Myths And Facts

When we think of cholesterol, the only thing that comes to our minds is it leads to heart complications. But, the actual cholesterol facts are lesser known. It is very essential for performing many functions of the body. Here are

some cholesterol myths and facts

that you may find helpful by knowing about its benefits and drawbacks.

Myth 1 a�� Cholesterol is not beneficial to the body

Fact a��

Cholesterol is very important for cell membrane formation and also plays a vital role in testosterone and estrogen sex hormones production. The body itself produces about 1000 mg of cholesterol every day.

Myth 2 a�� Cholesterol is found in fat foods

Fact a��

Cholesterol is found only in animal foods. The reason behind this is cholesterol is produced in the liver of animals. The saturated fats present in vegetable products do not contain cholesterol. But, there are many publications which show that a diet rich in saturated fats causes cholesterol build-up in the body. According to the American Heart Association, one should limit the intake of fat up to 25 a�� 35%.

Myth 3 a�� Cholesterol is needed in the diet because it is needed by the body

Fact a��

The body does not require any cholesterol in diet since it can produce by itself. There is no prescribed recommendation to intake cholesterol. For instance, vegetarians suffer no consequences even though they do not take animal products in their diet.

Myth 4 a�� Diet is the only factor that affects cholesterol levels

Fact a��

There are many other factors that lead to cholesterol build up in the body. The factors include overweight, heredity, physical activity, gender and age. Incorporating exercises and maintaining an ideal body weight help in controlling the cholesterol levels. Even medications help in reducing the excess cholesterol levels.

Myth 5 a�� We should eat good cholesterol foods to increase HDL cholesterol levels

Fact a��

HDL cholesterol is made in the liver and it combines with proteins and fats for transporting LDL cholesterol out of the body. In this way, they help in reducing the plaque formation in the arteries. Good cholesterol is not at all found in the diet and certain other strategies are required to raise these levels.

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