What Is A Good Cholesterol Score?

In general, there are three ways to measure cholesterol levels and these measurements are interdependent on each other. Cholesterol measurements include total cholesterol, individual measurements of each good cholesterol i.e HDL and bad cholesterol i.e LDL. All these three measurements done together helps the physician to determine the

good cholesterol score

and health. Triglyceride levels are also determined to evaluate cholesterol score.

Ideal Cholesterol Score

The ideal total cholesterol level is 200 milligrams per decilitre (mg/dL). If the cholesterol level rises up to 240 mg/dL, it is considered to be the risk factor for heart complications. The score lower than the ideal cholesterol level does not cause any harm and is considered to be good. By performing exercises and taking a well balanced diet helps in keeping the cholesterol score normal.

  • LDL (low density lipoprotein) / Bad Cholesterol Score

    A good cholesterol score of LDL cholesterol is 100 a�� 129 mg/dL. This score is normal and leads to no heart diseases. A score below 100 mg/dL is also good. But, if the score goes up to 130 a�� 190 and above, the risk for heart diseases start increasing. LDL levels should be always low.

  • HDL (high density lipoprotein) / Good Cholesterol Score

    A good cholesterol score of HDL cholesterol is 60 mg/dL. This level should be always higher. The body needs this form of cholesterol. If this level comes down to 40 mg/dL, it increases the risk of heart diseases.

  • Triglyceride Score

    A good score of triglycerides should be less than 150mg/dL. While measuring cholesterol levels, triglyceride score also plays an important role.

The entire health is also considered while measuring cholesterol scores. For instance, individuals with excess weight, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle are at greater risk of heart diseases due to high cholesterol score. Even heredity plays an important role in passing the cholesterol levels to the following generations.

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