Treating High Cholesterol Levels During Pregnancy

Research studies have shown the findings that pregnant women with high cholesterol are at greater risk of developing high blood pressure that becomes fatal. If the cholesterol levels are not normalized and brought into control, the condition could endanger both the mother and unborn baby.

Treating high cholesterol levels during pregnancy

needs much expert physicians so that the conditions are checked constantly and accordingly treatment is provided.

Most of the physicians recommend pregnant women with proper diet and exercises which can help in controlling cholesterol. This is because:

  • Mostly young women become pregnant and high cholesterol levels during young age can lead to health problems in their middle and old ages. So controlling cholesterol during pregnancy is effective.
  • Pregnancy lasts only for a short period and if the cholesterol is not controlled during this period, it will lead to long term heart risks.

The following steps help in treating high cholesterol levels during pregnancy:

  • During pregnancy, you need to

    take in more calories

    and also avoid certain food types. In order to get a strict information on the diet to take, seek a nutrition expert.

  • Consume foods rich in dietary fiber

    . Both the soluble and insoluble fiber forms help in lowering the bad cholesterol levels. Dietary fiber is abundantly found in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.

  • Be aware of the fat that you cut down in your diet during pregnancy. Check with your nutritionist about the amount of fat you can consume. The body requires certain amount of fats for neurological health of the baby. Monounsaturated fats such as avocados and olive oil can be taken.
  • Exercise

    is also very important to perform during pregnancy. Research studies have shown that women active during pregnancy will have lower cholesterol levels and moreover they cannot absorb excess cholesterol.

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