Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol

If your cholesterol levels are too high and you don’t want to take any medications to control cholesterol, there are certain

natural ways to lower cholesterol

. There are alternative natural ways to reduce bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the bloodstream.

Below are the natural ways to lower cholesterol enlisted:

Exercise a��

People adapted to sedentary lifestyle are more susceptible to diseases. Just a few minutes of physical exercises 4 to 5 times a week helps in lowering the risk of many health illnesses. Exercises also benefit in lowering cholesterol levels.

The body gets energy from the proteins, fats and sugars present in foods we consume. These nutrients are converted into fats in the body and stored as usable forms of energy. The liver picks up the bad cholesterol in the bloodstream by utilizing the good cholesterol present in it. This bad cholesterol should now be eliminated from the body which can only be done when the stored energy is used through exercises.

Eat more soluble fiber a��

It is essential for the body to get both soluble and insoluble forms of fiber. But to reduce the excess cholesterol in the body, soluble fiber is necessary as it binds to the cholesterol and removes it. Soluble fiber can be obtained from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eat a low fat diet a��

Eat only low-fat or fat-free diet. You can take foods high in cholesterol but in moderation. Diet high in saturated fats, obtained from both plant and animals sources should be avoided.

De-stress your life a��

Stress in life also affects the cholesterol levels in the body. People with high stress in life and on taking a diet to lower cholesterol levels cannot find any decrease in their bad cholesterol levels.

Red yeast rice a��

Medications for lowering cholesterol such as statin drugs contain red yeast rice. You can therefore take red yeast rice in its natural form also as it has the property of reducing bad cholesterol levels.

Quit smoking a��

Smoking too produces an effect on bad cholesterol levels. It increases the plaque build up in the arteries triggering the affects of cholesterol present in blood vessels. It is better if you give up smoking.

Following these ways help in lowering cholesterol and also reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes that arise as a result of increased cholesterol in the bloodstream. Also, it is good if you seek a doctor’s concern before taking these measures.

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