Top 5 Ways to End Sugar Cravings to Lower Cholesterol

There are times when you find yourself craving for sugar due to its sweet taste. When you start eating any delicious sweet, you cannot stop until you finish the whole. This is generally a sugar addiction and it can be very dangerous to health. Increased sugar levels in the body raise the bad cholesterol levels and decrease the good cholesterol levels. You can end sugar cravings to lower cholesterol through certain ways.

The following are top 5 ways to end sugar cravings to lower cholesterol levels:


    Drink plenty of water a��

    Sugar cravings can sometimes happen due to dehydration. Drinking plenty of water can suppress the sugar cravings. If you have the feeling to crave something sweet, drink a glass of water immediately and observe that cravings go away after 15 minutes.


    Perform physical activity a��

    If you make your body physically active through some exercises, the blood sugar levels in the body are regulated and there will be no need to take sugar. Know the right amount of physical activity your body needs and do it accordingly as too much exercise can also trigger sugar cravings.


    Avoid low-fat or fat-free foods a��

    When you eat too little fat, you can feel cravings for sugar. But eating enough healthy fat the body needs is good as you don’t feel to eat sugar anymore.


    Avoid spicy foods a��

    Taking spicy or salty foods can cause sugar cravings. It is a general tendency for most of us to eat something sweet as soon as we eat a spicy food. But when the spicy food intake is reduced, even the cravings for sugar reduce.


    Love your life a��

    If you get depressed or stressed in life, you more likely opt for sweets to make yourself feel good. But you should go for non-food ways to attain sweetness in life. There are instances where in some busy working people love to eat sweet cookies or chocolates just after the strenuous work. Hence, you should try to de-stress your life from work and worries so that cravings for sugar are stopped.

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