The Effect of Smoking on Lipid Profile

The research studies made during 1970’s showed that there is a relation between cigarette smoking and a person’s lipid profile. This is the main factor for heart attacks and coronary heart disease. Thus,

there is an effect of smoking on lipid profile.

Lipid profile is a group of tests that include total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides which are done to know about the patient’s risk for heart diseases.

It is clear that smoking is bad for health and causes serious health consequences. It has many side effects and one of its main negative effect is it affects the lipid profile of the body system. The following article discusses on how the lipid profile is effected by smoking and its consequences.

Smoking Lowers Good Cholesterol

There is a significant relation between smoking and good cholesterol (HDL). There was a good study done on this relation and the scientists published the findings in “The Framingham Offspring Study”. It was found that smoking will ultimately reduce the levels of good cholesterol in the bloodstream, especially in women smokers.

Why do One Need HDL Cholesterol?

There are two forms of cholesterol namely, LDL cholesterol that circulates in the bloodstream and builds up in the arteries blocking the blood flow; and HDL cholesterol that carries the excess LDL cholesterol to the liver for elimination. This is the reason why HDL (good) cholesterol is good for the body as it clears the bloodstream from LDL (bad) cholesterol

Children of Smokers are at Risk

Children brought up in the household of smokers are at greater risk of lowering HDL cholesterol , the reason behind this is the passive smoking i.e the smoke inhaled by the child poses the child at risk for heart diseases later in life.

Does Quitting Smoking Normalizes HDL Cholesterol?

Quitting smoking for more than a year makes the HDL cholesterol levels normal and the levels become similar to non-smokers.

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