Natural Cholesterol Reducers

We often opt for the medications to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Research studies revealed that herbal remedies work effectively in reducing cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and hence these are given the term as

natural cholesterol reducers.

These moreover are safer as they produce no side effects whereas statin medications do produce some health risks taken to lower cholesterol.

Natural cholesterol reducers

are natural supplements and do not have any chemical, pesticide or synthetic drugs. The common natural cholesterol reducers proved to be effective are as follows:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids

    extracted from fish oils are very effective in reducing cholesterol levels. Thus they help in lowering the risk of heart diseases by 45%.

  • Garlic

    is very beneficial in preventing heart attacks and prevents the development of arteriosclerosis caused as a result of high cholesterol.

  • Curcumin

    is powerful spice that lowers cholesterol levels.

  • Golgul gum resin

    is an exotic spice that helps in lowering the cholesterol levels. It is extracted from myrrh tree.

  • Psyllium

    is a fiber of an Iranian plant that helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels.

  • Policosanol

    extracted from sugarcane prevents the bad cholesterol levels from rising.

These natural cholesterol reducers provide the effectiveness only for a limited time period. They will be effective only for about a period of 6 months. Thus, it is always beneficial when these natural cholesterol reducers are paired with supplements like beta sistosterol, chromax, soy isoflavones and beta glucan.

How to improve the efficacy of your lowering cholesterol supplements?

You cannot fill up the body with supplements and medications that seem to lower the cholesterol levels. The best results can be obtained only when you take natural cholesterol reducers along with performing physical exercises and taking a well balanced diet. Bad cholesterol levels are very much influenced by the diet you take and hence you should be careful in dietary habits.

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