Petting Your Cholesterol – Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Many people would prefer to control and decrease bad cholesterol naturally rather than by taking statin pills. Here are some simple and easy steps to lower cholesterol naturally. By following these steps you can avoid irritability, weakness, loss of memory and tiredness.

Steps to Lower Cholesterol Naturally:

A Tasty Low Cholesterol Diet:

  • Feast on the right fats. Chop out all saturated and trans fats from your daily menu. For instance, you can avoid eating French fries and start brunching on oven baked golden potatoes which are made with very little oil.
  • Start eating oatmeal, apples, carrots, nuts and whole grain foods. Add the golden oil, the other name for it is olive oil in your everyday diet. Try, opting for extra virgin oil as it has more nutrients, since it is not processed and is completely natural. Eat more vegetables and fruits, at least five to seven servings per day.

Exercise to combat cholesterol:

  • Everyday choose to exercise for at least 30 minutes as this helps in decreasing total cholesterol and improving good cholesterol. Even a simple exercise like walking can aid in decreasing the bad cholesterol.
  • Being overweight will reduce the good cholesterol and raise bad cholesterol levels. So, start crushing that extra weight.

Erase Sweets And Refined Foods:

Very few people understand and realize that glycemic foods and sweets raise cholesterol and triglycerides production. They are even addictive and once you erase them out of your menu, you will start realizing that vegetables, whole grains and fruits are more sweeter and healthier.

Cut Caffeine And Avoid Alcohol:

Both alcohol and caffeine elevate cholesterol in your body. Switch off that coffee maker and switch on to pure water.

Exhale Tobacco Out:

Smoking damages the blood vessels and leads to the hardening of arteries and there is a terrible risk of strokes and heart diseases.
By, following these steps, you can lower cholesterol naturally without any stress.

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