Fat-Free You – Low Cholesterol Foods

Low cholesterol foods indicate that they have cholesterol which is less than or equal to 20 milligrams and also two grams saturated fat or even less. If you are over 25 years, then you should pay special attention to your cholesterol levels, because your body’s ability to resist bad cholesterol keeps on decreasing. You can avoid such bad cholesterol in your body by having low cholesterol foods. Here is a list of such foods you can eat to keep a check on your cholesterol levels.


These vegetables have a very low content and most of them have a high dietary fiber and nutrients. This regulates your metabolism as well as makes a good balance of cholesterol levels. They are good low cholesterol foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also decrease the risk of heart diseases, cancer and high blood pressure.

Lean Meats:

A good low cholesterol menu will consist of lean chicken/turkey, lean red meats and fish that are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and micro nutrients which are vital in resisting bad cholesterol.


Grains have high fiber and energy content. They are also very effective in bringing down bad cholesterol. Whole grains also help in weight control.


Fruits are low in calories and contain good amounts of nutrients and vitamins that help resist other diseases as well and they assist in lowering cholesterol.

Nuts and Seeds:

As nuts and seeds contain lot of minerals, fiber and vitamins, they are regarded as low cholesterol foods. They are good in weight management and helps boost great metabolism.

Egg White:

You can also choose to have egg whites which contain no cholesterol. Two egg whites are same as one whole egg. So, from now on in your baking recipes, you can opt for egg whites rather than whole eggs.

Fat Free Milk:

Choose to drink fat-free or 1% fat milk and low-fat yogurt or even non-fat yogurt which gives you good calcium as well as other nutrients.

Look for other low cholesterol foods like part skim cheeses, bagels, angel food cake, pita, Jello, fig bars, sherbet, pop corn, English muffins, cocoa powder, pasta, pumpkin seeds, soy and tofu based foods, vinegar, mustard, herbs, pretzels and garlic and onion powders.

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