Cholesterol Combat a�� Top 5 Natural Ways To Lower Cholesterol

Did you know that one-third of humans die due to heart disease and that it rudely cuts off 10-15 years of an average life span. And, cholesterol is one of the most important reason or factor for this disease. Here are some natural ways to lower cholesterol.


A diet which is rich in fiber and cuts out saturated and trans fats effects in cleaner arteries. Some foods which will be helpful in lowering cholesterol are, oats, flaxseeds, garlic, nuts, olive oil, mushrooms, soy and its products, whole grains, cold water fish, legumes, tomatoes, carrot juice.

Nitric Oxide:

It is an antioxidant gas which interferes with LDL oxidation. It even eases blood pressure by dilating or widening or stretching of arteries. Generally there are no supplements which contain nitric oxide, however, some products which contain arginine and a tropical fruit like noni can promote the production of nitric oxide.


This is an ancient medicine originating from India and it is extracted from the myrrh tree’s gum. This extract is called as guggul or gugulipid. It is believed to decrease cholesterol levels by almost 12%. You can take this natural medicine from 250-500mg along with the meals everyday 3 times, however it is good to consult your doctor before taking up this medicine, especially in case you are nursing or pregnant.


Psyllium seeds or husks is also a form of fiber and it can reduce cholesterol. Drink it everyday by stirring it into juice or water.

Red Yeast Rice:
A red colored yeast called as Monascus purpureus is used to ferment plain rice. Evidence suggests that this yeast can balance cholesterol levels. Traditionally, it was used as a food color, spice and a preservative by the chinese.

These 5 natural ways to lower cholesterol can be adopted in your everyday lifestyle to see considerable results.

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