Chopping Cheese – Foods That Cause High Cholesterol

Eating lots of trans fats, saturated fats and cholesterol are some of the causes of high cholesterol. The daily intake of recommended cholesterol is not more than 300 mg. Most of this cholesterol comes from dairy products, poultry and animal food intake. Here is a brief insight into the foods that cause high cholesterol.

What You Eat:

Chicken Liver:

Chicken liver is high in cholesterol among all foods. Every one gram of its liver contains approximately 5.61 mg of cholesterol. It is better to avoid it completely.

Boiled Egg:

A boiled egg consists of 225 mg cholesterol. Imagine, eating more than one boiled egg and how far it can take you more than the daily recommended cholesterol of 300mg.

Beef Steak:

A tiny 3.5 ounce of a beef steak contains cholesterol of 70 mg. So, you can cut on eating less of those steaks.

Beef Liver:

As, cholesterol is produced in the liver, so it is absolutely no wonder seeing it in this list. Beef liver consists of almost 3.8 mg of cholesterol for every gram of liver. It is best to completely avoid it.


This can turn even the good vegetables into high cholesterol carrying agents. One ounce of butter packs up to 70 mg of cholesterol. Reduce slicing those butter chunks into your cooking or on bread.

Creamy Cheese:

A single ounce of creamy cheese is the same as 27 mg of cholesterol. This might look like a little number but imagine all that cheese which you spread on the bagel for breakfast.

Also, avoid eating foods that are high in saturated and trans fats as they raise your cholesterol levels drastically.

Saturated fats are mostly found in poultry, beef, processed meats like salami, bologna, hot dogs, sausages, egg yolks, baked goods, coconut oil, coconut, palm oil and palm kernel oil.

Avoid trans fat foods like margarine, processed and fried foods like dough nuts and French fries.

These are some of the foods that cause high cholesterol and now, you can start keeping a watchful eye on them.

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