Cholesterol Too Low

Cholesterol plays many vital functions in the body. When the level of cholesterol is too low either due to medication, natural causes or strict diet, it can result in many health problems. This article gives information about health conditions associated with cholesterol too low.

Cholesterol Too Low

The following are health conditions which can result from too low cholesterol levels:
Very low cholesterol level can cause destruction on your psyche. Dutch researchers conducted one large study and found that men who have chronically low levels of cholesterol showed a higher risk of having aggressive, depressive and suicidal symptoms.

This is due to the affect of cholesterol on the serotonin metabolism. Serotonin is a good chemical which is present in brain and helps to maintain our mood stable.

It can lead to slower brain function. Myelin is a fatty material which insulates our nerve cells. Myelin has 28% cholesterol which wraps tightly around the nerve cells. This speeds up the messages transmission to the brain. If cholesterol is low, it can result in myelin reduction which slows the brain function.

Our immune system can be weakened if cholesterol level is low and it can result in more susceptibility to infections. Some reports show that people with high or normal cholesterol have a immune system that is stronger than people with low cholesterol. People with low levels of cholesterol seem to have declining or poor health.

The sex hormones progesterone, estrogen, DHEA and testosterone are made from cholesterol. Even adrenal hormones cortisol and aldosterone are also made from it.

Low levels of cholesterol can reduce sex drive and may lead to erectile dysfunction. Inflammatory conditions are prevented by adrenal hormones and lack of this can cause tender and aching muscles.

People with too low cholesterol levels can develop cancer when compared to those with high and normal levels.

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