How Do Vitamins Lower Cholesterol

High blood cholesterol is the main risk factor for developing heart diseases. Because when you have too much of cholesterol, it leads to the formation of plaque in your blood vessels which cause heart diseases. Therefore, one should control your cholesterol level. If you already have high cholesterol, here are a few vitamins that can be taken along with a healthy diet and regular exercise to help you lower high cholesterol level.

Guggul lipids:

There are certain vitamins which are known to naturally lower cholesterol level in the body. And, guggul lipid is one of them, which is the resin found in commiphora mukul tree. It helps to remove fatty formation from the blood vessels and thereby reducing the LDL cholesterol levels.

Guggul lipids blocks the farnesoid X receptor (FXR) activity which causes your body to bind more bile acids and cholesterol. Therefore, it also help to lower the inflammation that causes coronary heart disease. To get the most effective out of it, take 100 mg per day.


This prevents the intestine from absorbing cholesterol which is present in our food. Beta-sitosterol also prevents the body from absorbing cholesterol in the bloodstream. But, make sure that you combine this vitamin with a diet rich in fiber. Both fiber and beta-sitosterol work to prevention absorption of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Eat 300 mg capsules half an hour prior to your meal.

Green tea extract:

Green tea extracts split into theaflavin when enters through your bloodstream and it helps to raise HDL cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol levels. Vanderbilt’s medical professor, Dr.David Maron said that drinking green tea regularly can lower LDL cholesterol levels more than 16%. Moreover, polyphenols found in green tea helps to prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol into the intestines. For best results, take at least 375 mg per day.

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