High Triglycerides Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Triglycerides are form of fats present in the bloodstream. This article gives information about the symptoms, causes and treatment of high triglycerides.

Causes and Symptoms

  • Elevated levels of triglycerides can result in risk of heart disease. High triglyceride level is also referred as hyperglyceridemia.
  • The main cause for high triglycerides is obesity or consuming more calories than what the body requires.
  • Calories that are unused are converted into triglycerides immediately, thus increases the risk of high triglyceride levels.

In addition to obesity, other causes are untreated diabetes, medicine side effects, thyroid problems, kidney disease and alcohol abuse. Actually, high triglycerides level in the bloodstream do not show any symptoms.

The symptoms are non-specific. Until some severe health complications are manifested, the condition cannot be diagnosed. Mostly the symptoms are related to cardiovascular complications and heart disease. Hereditary related hyperglyceridemia shows the symptoms where the patient develops fatty deposits under the skin.

This condition is referred to as xanthomas. For few patients, elevated triglyceride levels leads to pancreas inflammation, resulting in loss of appetite, sharp abdominal pain and digestive problems.


Treatment of elevated triglyceride symptom starts with change in lifestyle. There are many medications which help to treat high triglycerides, but physicians mostly recommend lifestyle changes as the primary treatment approach. The following are some of the tips for reducing triglycerides naturally:

    Control weight

    : People who are obese or overweight have a risk of elevated triglycerides symptoms. Therefore, it is good to maintain normal weight.

  • Eating Habit

    : It is not good to consume large amounts of food at a time, as it increases the triglyceride accumulation. Inspite, you can eat smaller meals many times a day, it gives time for the body in order to utilize the energy that is generated.

  • Limit fats

    : Animal fats and vegetable fats are main sources of triglycerides. Hence, limit the intake of foods such as refined sugar and fatty food items.

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