Eggs and Cholesterol

Do you want to know how much cholesterol does one egg contains? This article gives you idea about it. The egg whites saturated fat levels and cholesterol levels is zero. Egg whites are saturated fat and cholesterol free. Egg yolk contains cholesterol and saturated fat. Eggs are both good and bad for cholesterol.

Cholesterol levels will be raised by eating egg yolk and egg whites are safer to eat. However, when considering cholesterol levels and eggs, research has found the fact that a substance which counteracts on the egg yolk harmful effects on cholesterol level is present in the egg whites. Therefore, consuming a whole egg can be somewhat safe.

Some recipes need only the egg yolk be used and the egg whites are left out, especially while making certain cakes. Intake of such foods will highly increase your cholesterol level. The following figures and facts on cholesterol levels and egg may help you monitor the saturated fat and cholesterol you add into your recipes and diet:

How much saturated fat and cholesterol is in one egg?

  • One chicken egg contain saturated fat of 1.6gms and 201mg cholesterol (55gm egg)
  • One Quail egg contain saturated fat of 0.3gms and 76mg cholesterol (9gm egg)
  • One Duck egg contain saturated fat of 2.6gms and 621mg cholesterol (70gm egg)
  • One Goose egg contain saturated fat of 5.3gms and 1226mg cholesterol (145gm egg)
  • One Turkey egg contain saturated fat of 2.9gms and 747mg cholesterol (80gm egg)

As cholesterol levels are high in egg along with saturated fat, most people avoid eating eggs. Recipes for preparing eggs with low cholesterol is to either poach, boil, scramble with skim milk or else fry the egg using vegetable oil spray, such as canola oil. You can season the egg the way you want, but the seasonings should be saturated fat and cholesterol free. Try to use spices and herbs which help to lower cholesterol.

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