Triglycerides Liver

Triglycerides are form of lipids that are found naturally in foods and the energy in the body is stored as triglycerides. High levels of triglycerides can cause coronary heart disease, stroke or heart attack. A liver cleanse helps your body to release excess fats and reduce the stress on your liver and thus lowers the triglyceride count. Consult your doctor before you take any liver cleanse or modify your diet. This article gives information about triglycerides liver.

Triglycerides and Liver Function

Triglycerides are stored as fat by the liver. The body consumes these triglycerides directly from foods we take, which are high in triglycerides. It also helps in metabolizing unused glucose into glycogen by sending this back to the liver, then converted into sugar. This is stored as fat and this may create excess of metabolic activity for the liver and can result in higher risk of disease.

Liver Cleanse

As known, the liver metabolizes food, creates energy and eliminates waste. A liver cleanse is used to lower the work of the liver. One of the cleanses is fasting cleanse in which you eliminate whole food from the diet you take for certain period of time like master cleanse where only lemonade mixture is consumed for up to 10 days. This reduces the work of your liver to break down the whole food and eliminate it. Other cleanses include modified diets with any supplements in order to promote liver health.

Liver Cleansing Foods

These foods are easily digested, contain no processed ingredients or toxins. A diet which contains reduced fatty acids including proteins will make the liver work more efficiently. Some foods which are good for the liver are green leafy vegetables, oats, nuts, turmeric and flax seed.

Triglycerides and the Cleanse

A cleanse can help to lower triglycerides. This is because, the body does not consume as many calories present in a cleanse. Due to this, it will use the energy stored in triglycerides. So two things are done here, which help to lower triglyceride levels:
1.Foods rich in triglycerides are not consumed
2.Fewer calories are drawn from the reserves of triglycerides.


Talk to your doctor before you start a cleanse. You may feel weak and sick while on cleanse as the body releases toxins and starts adjusting to fewer calories. Consult your doctor immediately if you experience fainting or dizziness as this can be a serious medical condition.

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