Home Remedies for Lowering Triglycerides

Triglycerides are form of fats which are the main components of vegetable oils and animal fats. They are important to some extent for the human body, as they act as energy source. They contain excess energy than proteins. However, if they are consumed in large amounts, they can result in several health problems. This article gives information about home remedies for lowering triglycerides.

It is important to lower the triglycerides level in the body. Medications are available to reduce their levels, but usually these are avoided, except in few cases where fat levels are very high or not responding to any other measures due to some reason. In most cases, treatment starts with home remedies.

Home remedies consists of lifestyle measures and dietary measures. Consumption of fats is an important factor of dietary consideration. Consumption of fats should be reduced, as they have effect on triglycerides level. Limit intake of fried food, red meats, junk food and avoid consuming oily food and greasy food.

Carbohydrates is another dietary contributor to levels of triglycerides. Their levels are not affected directly by the carbohydrates same as how fats do. However, they affect the metabolism of the body. Intake of carbohydrates results in increased production of insulin and this results in increased production of triglycerides.

Particularly, simple carbohydrates are harmful in this way a�� this includes junk food, sugary foods, and polished refined products like sugar and white rice.

You need to consume more of foods like flax seed and fish, as they are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, that help to keep level of triglycerides under control. Exercise also plays an important role in lowering fat levels. Exercising for 30 minutes at least 5 times a week can help.

It is better to prevent the high levels naturally, rather than using the drugs or any medications.

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