High Blood Pressure Exercise: What Sort of Exercise is Good For High Blood Pressure?

Your chance of getting high blood pressure may increase with your age, but getting enough exercise can bring a lot of difference. If you have high blood pressure already, getting enough exercise will help you control it. To lower your high blood pressure, you don’t need to join a gym or run a marathon. You just have to maintain physical activity on a regular basis.
People with high blood pressure should choose a kind of exercise which is dynamic and aerobic, which makes your body keep moving. There are plenty of such exercise to choose from running, walking, swimming, cycling and dancing.

Running or Jogging:

Jogging or running seems to appeal many people who love their own company. Also, this exercise may be one of the most effective exercise yet very effective for high blood pressure. But, while running or jogging, one should wear a comfortable, good sport shoes. Wearing a comfortable running shoes is very important in order to avoid hurting ankles, feet or knees.


Yes, walking is the simplest and easiest exercise for those who don’t want to do other heavy exercise. One can easily implement this exercise in his/her daily exercise regime. It is not required to go for a long hike through the countryside to control your blood pressure, unless you want to. You can get as much benefits by just walking around your local parks on a regular basis. Be sure that you wear some comfortable shoes.


Swimming is an ideal kind of exercise for people with arthritis and for older people, because when you swim you feel like your body is floating and feel less pain or painless. There are plenty of pools giving class for all ages for those people who don’t know swimming.


Unless you have back problems, cycling is the best exercise for everyone. People with back pain can consider cycling, if they get a well-sprung seat, really wide and high handlebars. However, avoid cycling in heavy traffic. Cycling can be a great way to explore the countryside or enjoy cycling in a park which have networks of cycle paths.


Dancing would be the perfect exercise if you have the passion to dance and looking for the ways to control high blood pressure. Dancing appeals to most people who love exercising to music. The kind of music you love can lead to the type of dancing, which you will enjoy, be it a jazz, ballroom, country dancing or rock and roll or whatever.

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