Blood Pressure in Children: What Kinds of High BP they can get?

Yes, high blood pressure can occur in children, but it rarely occur. Many family doctors could spend their lifetime without seeing a single case of high blood pressure in children. However, if it occur in children and if not diagnosed and treated, it may cause irreversible damage and very serious disorders to the kidneys , brain and eyes.

The reason is that, high blood pressure in children is very rare case and thus many family doctors and parents often forgot the possibility of it. So, the diagnose of high BP often made very late.

Primary High Blood Pressure:

This primary high blood pressure is also called essential hypertension, which can occur in children. Like adults, there is a distribution of blood pressure with a low end and high end in children as well. If the distribution of blood pressure is at the high end, it can be considered as high blood pressure in children.

However, there is no proof as such that children suffering with high blood pressure may be benefited from whatever medications they take. Adults with primary high blood pressure or essential hypertension are at high risk of strokes, coronary heart disease and other kinds of organs damage, while in children it is different.

For all practical purposes, if the children have blood pressure that is high enough to take medication, then generally they have secondary high blood pressure. High blood pressure in children is a result of some health disorder. About 95% of children with a prolonged diastolic pressure of more than 120mmHg have usually an identifiable cause for their high BP. This cause is often a kidney disorder and sometimes aortic coarctation. These rare conditions need urgent treatment and accurate diagnosis.

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