Familial Hyperlipidemia

High cholesterol levels can be often inherited. Of course, other causes may be eating foods which contain high cholesterol and fat. But you may have difficulty in lowering fat/cholesterol if you have a disorder called familial hyperlipidemia.

This genetic condition is marked by high serum LDL (low-density lipo protein) cholesterol, low levels of HDL (high density lipo protein) cholesterol, high levels of fat in the blood and a heart disease family history.

This condition appears mostly during the teen years. High levels of cholesterol in children can cause obesity, and often have trouble regulating blood glucose or diabetes. Sometimes, they may experience chest pain associated with this condition. Medical professionals try to avoid heart damage in people with hyperlipidemia.

This disorder can be reduced by changing the diet. Take the foods which contain low fats. If this does not work, then your doctor prescribes cholesterol lowering drugs. Often, the drugs may cause side effects, therefore working on exercise and diet is more desirable treatments especially in teens and children.

Myocardial tissue death and atherosclerotic heart disease are the major risks in people with hyperlipidemia. These risks are caused due to inability of blood to reach the heart as the flow of blood is restricted from clogged arteries (due to cholesterol). If the flow of blood to the brain is disturbed, then it may result in stroke.


  • Making successful changes in diet and losing weight are beneficial in people suffering from familial hyperlipidemia.
  • This can help them to lower the risk of cardiovascular disorder by reducing cholesterol.
  • Treatment with diet doesn’t have any side effects.
  • Diet treatment can also prevent other syndromes, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes and peripheral vascular diseases.
  • Combined medical treatment. Patients, when undergoing medical treatment should combine diet treatment along with it. Then, their lipid level can be adjusted.

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