Things That Affect Blood Pressure

Blood vessels are basically tubes and blood is a fluid. The pressure of the blood flow in the blood vessels depends on many different variables of which some of the most important are:

  • The fluid rate entering the tube
  • The width or diameter of the tube
  • The friction from the tube walls and
  • The elasticity and stickiness of the fluid, which is called the viscosity and the volume of the fluid

The flow of water through a hosepipe is not different from how these variables work. For example, the water flows out with great pressure when the tap is opened fully. The water will have great pressure again, if a wide hosepipe is swapped for a narrower one. In the same way the blood flow in our body also take place.

The fluid rate entering the tube:

The heart pumps blood at a variable rate into your arteries, depending on what one is thinking and what one is doing.

The width or diameter of the tube:

Depending on tension in the muscle strands which spiral around them, the smaller arteries are of different diameter. While, the tension depends on the signals from the brain and various chemicals circulation (hormones) produced from other organs.

Friction from the tube walls:

Friction along artery walls increases as they get rougher, older and furred up with plaque (which is made up of a mixture of cholesterol and clotted blood). This process of roughening increases blood pressure by raising resistance to the blood flow. Thus, it seeded up itself by increased pressure, a vicious circle.

Volume and Viscosity:

Both the volume and viscosity of the blood vary depending on your kidneys’ efficiency, the shape and sign of the red blood cells and your salt intake. These may be altered by high blood alcohol levels or low iron levels in your blood.

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