BP-Lowering Drugs for Elderly People

Almost all commonly used BP-lowering drugs are effective for elderly people and relatively trouble free, apart from those drugs mentioned below. Thiazide Diuretics in a small dosage may be considered as the best and the first choice for both elderly people and younger people for lowering high blood pressure. But, it is not recommended for those people who have diabetes, for it tends to make diabetes worse.

ACE is also very effective and it can be considered as trouble free, other than provoking a dry cough which is normal for almost all people who take it. People who don’t have either heart failure or asthma can use Beta blockers safely.

Drugs to be avoided:

Drugs that should be avoided by elderly people are Clonidine and Methyldopa, which react mainly on the brain stem and the alpha -blockers that can cause fainting in the elderly people. Those drugs reacting mainly on the brain stem should be restricted for those elderly people who are taking BP-lowering drugs for the first time. But, those elderly people who have been under treatment for quite some time may continue taking it.


: Methyldopa can cause liver damage in elderly people, which can lead to death or severe jaundice. This Methyldopa has other trade names which are Hydromet and Aldomet. Moreover, it is very difficult to diagnose this condition, because they are closely similar to other common causes of jaundice like virus infection, gallstones and other drugs’ side effects. This drug should be strictly avoided by elderly people, even if the person has been under medication for many years.


It is also called Catapres and can cause depression. This drug should be avoided by elderly people who are taking it for the first time. But, those elderly people who started taking this drug in their middle age can probably continue taking this drug.

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