Some Causes of High Blood Pressure

There are various features which are associated with high blood pressure and it is hard to check whether these associations are simply coincidence or causes. For example, men wearing belts have lesser risk of high blood pressure than people wearing braces.

However, overweight people often find it more comfortable wearing braces rather than belts. Then, do braces cause high blood pressure??? In such a case, test can be taken for causality by removing the braces and checking whether the blood pressure changes.

Aortic coarctation:

The origin causes can be also very different and not always the same from the continuing causes. In some rare disorders such as aortic coarctation, the largest artery that carries blood out from the heart becomes tight a few inches from its origin. It then enlarges to its normal diameter. Thus, this obviously raises the blood pressure at the point of constriction, and it falls below afterwards.

But, even if the constriction is removed by surgery, blood pressure still takes many years to come to a normal value. Thus, the constriction is the initiating cause, but the continuity cause is probably the complex changes in hormonal circulation, designed to maintain uninterrupted blood flow through the kidneys.

Factors that cause high blood pressure:

Apart from inheritance, there are four major factors that cause high blood pressure. These factors are being overweight, a low potassium intake, a high sodium intake and high alcohol intake. Their effects may vary depending on one’s family history in most cases. A person with family history is likely to have more effects.

However, these factors are also reversible causes. Although, it is not necessary to fall to normal levels, the blood pressure will eventually fall if these factors are controlled. This will be more effective in young or middle-aged people, than the elderly.

The evidence for these factors is convincing and consistent. These cannot eliminate the possibility of many other causes of which the most important and obvious are psychological, physical and various kinds of social stresses.

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