How to Lower High Blood Cholesterol by Changing Food Habits

The huge variation in average levels of blood cholesterol between people of different countries depends on differences in what people consume. When nations as a whole take part in more exercise or consume less fat and cholesterol, the average levels of the blood cholesterol falls, thereby reducing the coronary death rates. Therefore, efforts put in personal diets to make some changes may have less effects, mainly for the following two reasons:

Firstly, changing group habits is often easier than personal habits. For instance, in the 1950s if anyone was seen wearing platform shoes, people would have called the person mad or eccentric. But, In the 1970s, nobody who was very concerned and fashion conscious would not miss out on the latest fashion trends. So, unfortunately it’s often not what we want to consume. The idea is we generally don’t eat what we like: but we tend to consume what everyone else seems to eat.

Therefore, people who are really determined to maintain a healthy diet on their own need to convince their whole family to change certain food habits and lifestyles.

Secondly, there are big personal differences in the blood cholesterol response to make a change in fat consumption. These differences are inherited and vary according to how one’s body handles fat chemically. Some people may notice a change or fall drastically after easy reduction or fairly small intake of fat, or after doing exercise. While others may notice only small changes inspite of many efforts.

The only best way to know how difficult or easy it is to reduce the blood cholesterol level is to just try by taking accurate measurement as a baseline of your blood cholesterol levels. Then, you can measure from time to time afterwards. However, there are big differences in response from person to person, so it’s worth trying to find out by yourself.

How to help yourself?

To maintain a normal blood cholesterol level naturally without taking drugs, one should maintain a certain healthy lifestyle. In which, some of the important factors are weight control, diet and exercise.

Weight control:

Being overweight not only raises your blood pressure, it also increases your bad cholesterol and reduces good cholesterol levels, thereby increasing the risk of coronary heart disease. And to control your weight, you need to do exercise and maintain a proper diet.


To control your weight and blood pressure, here are six golden rules you need to remember always.

  • Eat less fat
  • Eat less sugar
  • Don’t skip meals and avoid overeating
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables and bread
  • Do regular exercise
  • Take an accurate measurement of your weight regularly

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