Is High Blood Cholesterol a Hereditary Disease?

High blood cholesterol is very much a hereditary disease. However, regardless of it, a person who consumes an extremely low-fat diet cannot get high levels of blood cholesterol. For instance, the poorest people in china will hardly get high blood pressure levels.

Some people can consume a lot of oils and fats without getting either cholesterol plaques on the artery walls or high blood cholesterol. But, some people may not be so lucky like them. The main difference is based on their family stories or genes.

Inherited familial hypercholesterolaemia:

A few people have an inheritance of high blood cholesterol, which is also known as inherited familial hypercholesterolaemia. They have total levels of blood cholesterol of about 9-15 mmol with very low good cholesterol (HDL) levels, high LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels and normally very high triglyceride levels. These people need to take special medication with cholesterol-lowering drugs. If a person is having a close relative with heart attack below the age of 50 years, then she/he should inform to the doctor to determine the condition.

Can you raise the HDL (good) blood cholesterol levels?

HDL cholesterol levels or good blood cholesterol levels can be substantially increased by stopping smoking, by exercise and by drinking moderate amount of alcohol. But, heavy drinking of alcohol increases blood pressure and there is a higher risk of coronary heart disease or strokes. Four units of alcohol per day for a man and three units of alcohol per day for a woman are normal and is good for health. But, drinking more than this can raise the bad blood cholesterol and increase the risk of heart diseases.

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