High-Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

The tastier the foods are, higher are the chances that there is more cholesterol, which is the irony of life. We like to munch macaroni, cheese, eggs, steak, a lamb chop, cake and ice cream. But, that is not only the irony of life, it is one of the life’s tragedies as well.

What are high cholesterol foods?

The high cholesterol foods are those foods which are rich in cholesterol and saturated fats which are mostly found in animal products. High cholesterol foods increase the bad or LDL cholesterol level. So, the more you eat high cholesterol foods, the higher your bad cholesterol level will be. High cholesterol foods are high in saturated fats which drives the liver to produce more LDL cholesterol and increase the triglyceride levels as well.

High cholesterol foods to avoid are:

  • All animal based foods such as egg yolks, fish, poultry, meat and high fat milk products.
  • Any processed foods like cookies, muffins and pastries. Because these foods are rich in fat including trans-fats.
  • Deep fried foods

Read the food labels

When buying a food product, there are two things to be noted on the label. One is, it should be cholesterol free. More importantly, the food should contain less saturated fats. For example, coconut oil does not contain cholesterol, but is highly saturated with fat.On the other hand, seafood contains cholesterol, but also contains polyunsaturated fats that help the liver to produce more good cholesterol and less bad cholesterol.

Understanding the food labels correctly:

  • a�?Cholesterol free fooda�? doesn’t mean a�?Noa�? cholesterol. It means less than 2 grams saturated fat and 2 milligram cholesterol or less fat.
  • a�?Low cholesterol fooda�? means 2 grams of saturated fat or less saturated fat and 20 milligram cholesterol or lesser.
  • a�?Fat free fooda�? doesn’t mean zero fat. It means less than A? gram fat.
  • a�?Low fat fooda�? means 3 grams or lesser.
  • a�?Reduced fat fooda�? means at least 25% less fat than other similar foods.

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