Different Types of Best Cholesterol Lowering Diets

Diet plays the main role in maintaining a balanced cholesterol level in our bodies. The cholesterol level increases in our bodies when we consume too much saturated fat. High amount of saturated fats are obtained from animal-based foods such as dairy products and meat. So, we should maintain a proper diet and avoid saturated fats in our diet as much as possible. Read on to know the different types of best cholesterol lowering diets:

Diet low in saturated fat:

The regular diet we take is a combination of unsaturated and saturated fats. Saturated fat increases the level of cholesterol in our blood. It is mostly found in animal-based foods like meat, lard and dairy products, and also in vegetable oils like palm oil and coconut oil. Therefore, if you have a high level of cholesterol or even a family history of high cholesterol problems, avoid those foods rich in saturated fat. Instead, go for diets rich in fruits and green vegetables, which are beneficial for your health.

Diet low in fat:

Minimum intake of fat is not only good for lowering cholesterol level in your blood, but it is also good for maintaining overall health. This is because high fat foods have high amounts of saturated fat. You can substitute high fat food with polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats to avoid saturated fat in your body. Saturated fat can be obtained from canola and olive oil. For polyunsaturated diet, sunflower oil, safflower oil and corn flower oils are some good choices.

Diet low in cholesterol:

To maintain a balanced cholesterol level, one should always maintain a diet low in cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol raises the cholesterol level in your blood. Generally, animal-based food or animal products are rich in dietary cholesterol. Therefore, stay away from animal products as much as possible. It is also advisable to refrain from such foods, if you have a family history of heart diseases or high cholesterol level.

Diet high in fiber and starch:

Include fiber and starch in your regular diet for lowering cholesterol level. Starch and fiber are found in green vegetables, fruits, grains, breads, dry beans, corns, cereals and peas.

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