Plant Sterols to Lower Cholesterol

Because of the so-called health benefits of plant sterols, it has been included as an ingredient in many different food products such as salad dressings, candies, spreads etc. Research studies have shown that plant sterols are associated for lowering blood cholesterol in body.

What are Plant Sterols?

Plant sterols is also known as phytosterols. Plant sterols are the molecules resembling cholesterol found in plants and in many other food items such as vegetables, vegetable oils, whole grains, fruits, nuts and legumes. You will find little amount of sterols in almost all plants. In which, beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol are identified as the three plant sterols that are abundantly found in plants.

How do plant sterols lower cholesterol

High blood cholesterols in the body lead to heart diseases and atherosclerosis. The molecules in plant sterols are very difficult to absorb in the blood stream and intestine. It also decreases the absorption of cholesterol. The plant sterols after ingestion with food are absorb in the blood and are transported to all parts of the body. Thus, the plant sterols blocks the dietary cholesterol from the blood stream and maintain uninterrupted blood flow.

To get the best result out of plant sterols, it’s recommended to have atleast 2 gms of plant sterols in a day to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) level by 10%. You need to take one tablespoon of plant sterols or any food product that contain plant sterols. However, there is no evidence that plant sterols can lower the good cholesterol (HDL) level and triglycerides.

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