Basic Low Cholesterol Diet

Low cholesterol diet is also called a low fat diet. It is not difficult to follow this diet, because a variety of low cholesterol foods are available and many food manufacturers do have low cholesterol and low fat foods. When shopping for such foods, make sure that you check the labels and buy. Here are a few guidelines on what type of foods to eat and what to avoid to maintain a low cholesterol diet.

Fruits and vegetables:

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits everyday, they are low in fat and calories. Moreover, they are delicious and will not increase your cholesterol levels.

Fats and oils:

Try to reduce your intake of oils and saturated fats. Consuming excess of such fats and oils will raise the cholesterol levels and lead to heart disease and strokes.

Avoid any food that contains saturated fats, also called trans fats. Consuming such fats can increase your blood cholesterol levels including bad cholesterol. They can also lead to the formation of cholesterol plagues that block your arteries. Instead, you should use canola oil, olive oil or vegetable oil for cooking, as they are high in mono unsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Unlike trans fats and saturated fats, unsaturated fats help you to lower your cholesterol levels and give you a healthy heart.

Breads and grains:

Instead of white flour, go for whole grain foods. Recent studies have shown that taking excess carbohydrates can increase your cholesterol levels and increase the risk of getting heart disease and strokes. This is applicable especially to diabetes patients.


Use skimmed or low fat dairy products instead of high fat foods. This will help you to decrease the risk of getting heart disease.


Take lean meats like turkey, fish and chicken instead of red meat. Instead of ground beef, take ground turkey meat, as it is a delicious substitute for hamburgers.

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