Niacin for Treatment of High Cholesterol

Niacin is a vitamin that is vital for chemical reactions occurring in the body. Treatment of high cholesterol using niacin is very effective. This article highlights on how niacin is beneficial for cholesterol reduction, its recommended dosage and side effects of its overdose.

Treatment of High Cholesterol- Niacin

  • This vitamin has a profound effect on the cholesterol levels in the body. It improves HDL (good cholesterol) levels and decreases the level of triglycerides and LDL in the body.
  • It lowers cholesterol levels by inhibiting the synthesis of proteins that help in transport of triglycerides and cholesterol in the body.
  • It prevents the synthesis of very low density lipoproteins (vldl) that are the precursors of LDL. By blocking its synthesis it prevents the formation of LDL.
  • It inhibits the fat cell from releasing fatty acid and enhances HDL function. It is the perfect and closest treatment for coronary heart disease.
  • Niacin supplements are available in the market, but it is best to obtain it from natural sources. Fish, eggs, poultry, vegetables, bread, cereal, pasta, lentils, peanut and lean meat are rich sources of this vitamin.

How Does it Work

  • It reduces LDL to about 5 to 25%
  • Triglycerides are reduced by 20 to 50%
  • Hdl improved by 15 to 35%

The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 gms two to three times a day. Niacin should be started at a lower dose initially and later it should be increased to prevent side effects. It should be taken along with foods to avoid problems of stomach upset.

Therefore taking niacin for high cholesterol reduction is beneficial. However, high doses of niacin should be avoided.

Side Effects of Niacin Overdose

The most common side effects include:

  • Redness of face
  • Liver problem
  • Excess levels of uric acid in blood
  • High sugar levels
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach upset
  • Itching

Who Should Avoid Taking Niacin

  • Pregnant women should seek doctor’s advice before using it.
  • Persons suffering from liver problems should stop using it.

If taking niacin supplements shows symptoms or side effects mentioned above, it is better to consult a doctor.

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