Fish Oil for Cholesterol

Fish oil has a profound effect on blood cholesterol levels in the body. Taking fish oil for cholesterol is very helpful as it reduces the triglyceride level in the body. This article highlights on how fish oil
prevents heart disease and side effects associated with high intake of this oil.

Benefits of Taking Fish Oil for Cholesterol

  • It plays a vital role in improving hdl (good cholesterol) levels in the body. It promotes thinning of blood.
  • According to American Heart Association, taking fish oil helps to prevent sudden death in case of heart attack survivors. The decrease in the incidence of heart attack is mostly due to the omega 3 fats present in this oil.
  • This oil prevents the hardening of arteries and strokes in people. It is effective in reducing blood pressure.
  • Steaming is the best way to cook fish. This method of cooking helps in retaining maximum oil in the fish.

Fish oil renders its protective effects in the following ways

  • Decrease platelet aggregation-

    Blood clots formed in the arteries is the cause for heart disease. Therefore, taking fish oil helps in reduced blood clot formation.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect:

    Inflammation in the arteries is the main cause for heart disease. Fish oil due to its anti inflammatory property prevents inflammation of the arteries.

  • Decreases irregular heart beats.
  • Reduces blood vessel constriction.

Side Effects

Side effects of taking fish oil include:

  • Large quantities of omega 3 fats present in fish oil causes improper blood clot formation.
  • This oil can sometimes cause diarrhea, nausea and belching.
  • Taking large quantities of this oil causes increased number of calories in the body.
  • Very large doses when taken damages immune function.
  • It causes an increase in ldl levels in case of persons with very high levels of triglycerides.

Therefore, before taking fish oil supplements its better to consult a doctor. Instead of taking fish oil supplements one can switch on to taking two servings of fish in a week.’>

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