Ayurvedic Treatment for High Cholesterol

As the word suggests, ayurveda means a natural way of treatment. Ayurvedic treatment for high cholesterol is highly effective. It serves as a source of treatment for a large number of cholesterol related disorders. Herbs such as guggul, garlic and arjuna are very effective for lowering cholesterol.

Ayurvedic Treatment for High Cholesterol

Different types of ayurvedic treatments are available. The most common among them are

  • Pranayama:

    It is a type of a breathing exercise that helps one to feel calm.

  • Rasayana:

    Here mantras are repeated during meditation.

  • Abhyanga:

    It is a process where herbal oil is rubbed on the skin to improve circulation and removal of toxins.

  • Pancha karma:

    It is a method followed to cleanse the body of toxins and cholesterol in the body.

  • Yoga:

    It helps in improving circulation, digestion, reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels.

  • Herbal medicines:

    Taking herbs helps to reduce cholesterol in a natural way without much of side effects.

Herbs as a Treatment for High Cholesterol

Most important herbs include;


Half spoon of ginger, one clove that is finely chopped is mixed with lime and taken before meal. This is effective for reducing cholesterol.

Terminalla arjuna:

This herb plays a vital role in maintaining health and tone of heart muscle. It promotes healing after heart attack. Bark of this tree is rich in co-enzyme Q10 which is prescribed nowadays to prevent heart attack.


It is a herb with lipid regulating properties. It is a plant extract that is far superior and safer. Guggul acts on the liver and increases the metabolism of bad cholesterol. It is effective in burning off the excessive fats present in the body. Thereby, reducing weight. Taking this herb helps to reduce triglyceride level by 22 to 30% and improves HDL by 16%.

Triphala and trikatu:

Both these powders are massaged throughout the entire body. This procedure helps in reduction of subcutaneous fat, thereby leading to lower blood cholesterol levels.


It is effective against treating problems associated with arteries. It flushes out the cholesterol that is bound to the arteries.


It plays a role in improving kidney function in the body. As kidney function is improved, it flushes out the excess cholesterol from the body.

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  1. herbal oils are nice to the skin and some are nutritious too when taken orally”`

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