Triglyceride Cholesterol Level

Triglycerides are potent sources of energy in the body. However, higher levels of it is not desirable. Triglyceride cholesterol level is best if it is 150mg/dl. One can know its level through a simple blood test.

What are Triglycerides?

Triglycerides are fats present in the body. It is responsible for cause of heart disease. Triglyceride level vary with age and sex of the person. High LDL, triglycerides and low HDL pose a great risk for cardiovascular disease.

How is it Tested

Triglyceride levels are tested by a lipid panel test. This is simply a blood test. It also gives information about the levels of HDL and LDL levels.This test should be performed for people over the age of 20, as recommended by the American Heart Association. Before the test person should not take food. Overnight fast is suggested.

Triglyceride Cholesterol Levels

Normal triglyceride cholesterol level is about 150mg/dl
Borderline level: 150 a�� 199mg/dl
High triglyceride level: 200 a�� 499mg/dl
Very high triglyceride level: 500mg/dl

  • Triglyceride to HDL ratio is a potent predictor of heart disease.
  • Women having high triglyceride level have greater risk for heart disease when compared to men.
  • Having high triglyceride pose a risk for diabetes, low levels of HDL and blood clot formation.
  • If its level is too high it causes inflamed pancreas, a serious condition.

Reasons for Increased Triglyceride Levels

Liver disease, hypothyroidism, kidney problems, higher fat intake and sugar pose a risk for increased triglyceride levels.

Ways to Lower Triglyceride Cholesterol Levels

  • Avoid intake of animal fat.
  • Avoid alcohol as it raises the triglyceride level to a large extent.
  • Exercises play a prominent role in decreasing its level. About 30 minutes of exercise per day can be valuable.
  • Take foods rich in omega 3 fats.
  • Regular intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid smoking.

If elevated blood levels of triglycerides persists it is better to consult a doctor.

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