LDL Cholesterol Level Control

LDL cholesterol is called as bad cholesterol. It should be present in levels lower than 130mg/dl. LDL cholesterol level control is vital since high levels pose a risk for heart disease. This article highlights on how diet and lifestyle changes play a vital role in maintaining LDL cholesterol levels.

Dietary LDL Cholesterol Level Control

  • Use olive oil or canola oil for cooking. These oils are rich in mono saturated fatty acids. These fats help in lowering LDL and improving HDL levels.
  • Decrease intake of saturated fats. Red meat is high in these fats. So, it is better to avoid red meat or reduce its intake.
  • Include vegetables in the diet. Take two to three servings a day. Taking vegetables helps to stabilize the arterial deposits.
  • Include vitamin niacin in the diet. This vitamin plays a vital role in enhancing HDL levels and lowering LDL levels.
  • Include garlic in the diet. Garlic has sulfur in it. Sulfur is important for reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of clot formation.
  • Omega 3 fats should be included in the diet. These fats helps to reduce LDL and triglyceride level. Fish is the richest source of these fats.
  • Include grape fruit in the diet. It is rich in pectin. Pectin blocks the absorption of fats into the blood. Lycopene component in it acts as an antioxidant and prevents deposition of LDL on arteries.
  • Onions contains powerful antioxidant quercetin, this antioxidant prevents deposition of LDL on arteries. Sulfur in it helps to improve HDL levels.
  • Increase fiber intake. Oats are the richest sources of fiber.
  • Regular exercises such as jogging, walking or cycling should be done for 30 minutes. This kind of a physical activity helps to decrease bad cholesterol levels.
  • Herbs serve as source to maintain cholesterol levels. Dandelion, a herb normalizes liver function and helps to metabolize fats. Guggul and fenugreek are also effective.
  • Avoid smoking as it raises LDL levels.
  • Blood test is the best way through which one can know LDL cholesterol levels.
  • LDL cholesterol level control can be achieved by following the above mentioned ways.

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