Cholesterol and Diabetes

There is a direct correlation between diabetes and cholesterol. About 81 million Americans suffer from this condition of high cholesterol and high sugar level. This article highlights on how diabetes causes increased blood cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol and Diabetes -How are they related

Diabetic patients are often at a risk for high levels of cholesterol. High sugar levels increase the level of LDL and decrease the HDL levels. Therefore, posing a great risk for heart disease. This condition is referred to as diabetic dyslipidemia. In this condition, fats tend to move in the wrong direction and accumulate in the arteries leading to premature heart disease.

Increased triglyceride production is directly linked to insulin secretion. People suffering from type 2 diabetes show a condition of insulin resistance. In this condition, the cells are unable to take up insulin. Thereby, leading to higher levels of glucose and triglycerides.

Excess insulin when present in the body leads to obesity and hypertension. These two conditions are primary precursors for heart disease. Excess insulin tends to adhere to the walls of the arteries and cause damage to tissue.

High sugar levels narrow the blood vessels. As the blood vessels are narrowed, there is a difficulty in the flow of blood. Due to improper flow of blood there is a risk for high blood pressure.

LDL particles, in case of people suffering from insulin resistance are more denser and smaller.
As these particles are small they readily adhere to blood vessels and cause cardiovascular disease.

Higher levels of insulin, obesity, lack of physical activity and improper diet are linked to high cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol and Diabetes Diet

Taking low cholesterol diet is recommended to diabetics also. One should know about what foods are high in LDL and try to avoid them. Trans fatty acids and saturated fats should be avoided. Include green leafy vegetables, whole grains, fruits and fish in the diet. Avoid fried foods. Spice foods with herbs that lower down the cholesterol.

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