What is LDL Cholesterol Diet?

LDL is called as bad cholesterol. It is responsible for heart disease. Therefore, LDL cholesterol diet is important. By following a diet that is rich in fiber, omega 3 fats, antioxidants and plant sterols one can reduce ldl levels.

Ldl Cholesterol Diet

Omega 3 fatty acids:

Fish is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. These fats are vital for reducing ldl levels in the body. Salmon, tuna, sardines and herrings are rich sources of these fats. It is better to take fish that is boiled or steamed. Avoid taking fried fish. Other foods that contain omega 3 fats are walnuts and eggs.

Plant sterols:

These are plant pigments that prevent absorption of cholesterol. Sterols are found in orange juice, snack bars and margarines

Antioxidant foods:

Green leafy vegetables, fruits, black tea, coffee are excellent antioxidant foods. These foods play an important role in preventing oxidation of cholesterol. Other important antioxidant foods are blueberries, peaches, dates, bananas, broccoil, citrus and cabbage.

Fiber containing foods:

These fibers act as a sponge and prevents the absorption of cholesterol. Soluble fiber is vital for reducing bad cholesterol levels. Oats, carrot, sweet potato, apples, strawberries, barley and brown rice are the most important food sources of soluble fiber.

Other Ways to Reduce Ldl Cholesterol

  • Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Take about four to five servings a day.
  • Avoid taking of foods that are rich in sugar. Low intake of calories is recommended.
  • Avoid partially hydrogenated oils and saturated fats in the diet.
  • Physical activity is vital as it reduces weight to a large extent.
  • Take fat free or low fat foods such as legumes and lean meats.
  • Including whole grains in the diet can be of help.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Include vitamin E, C and B3 in the diet.
  • Avoid smoking.

Therefore, ldl cholesterol diet is vital for healthy living and prevention of heart diseases.

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