Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Are you worried about your cholesterol levels? Here are a few cholesterol lowering foods. Foods play a major role in maintaining cholesterol levels in the body. By following simple home remedies and taking herbal supplements can be of help to reduce cholesterol.

Home Remedies to Reduce Bad Cholesterol

  • Take a spoonful of honey and lime juice into a cup of hot water. Taking this preparation daily reduces cholesterol.
  • Boil coriander seeds in a glass of water. Strain and take the liquid twice a day.
  • Onion juice is also effective to reduce cholesterol level.
  • Taking fenugreek seeds regularly help reduce serum fat levels.
  • Lecithin rich diet including soybeans, egg yolk and vegetable oils prevent the deposition of fats on arteries.
  • Mixture of methi powder and water when taken for one month reduces cholesterol.

Cholesterol Lowering Food Sources

Olive oil:

Olive is a effective food sources that reduces the level of bad fats and improves good fat levels. About two table spoons a day is effective.

Soluble fiber:

These fibers act as a sponge and soak in cholesterol without allowing it to get absorbed. Barley, oat meal and pears are good sources of these fibers. About 10 gms is the recommended dosage.

Walnuts, omega3 fats, plant sterols, vegetables, fruits, breads, fish and cereals are important food sources to reduce bad fats in the body.

Vitamins for Reducing Cholesterol

  • Take foods rich in vitamin E. Sprouted seeds, sunflower seeds and soybean oil are important sources of this vitamin.
  • Vitamin B6 diet including yeast and wheat germ are also effective.

Cholesterol Lowering Foods- Herbs

Alfalfa :

Alfalfa seeds prevent the absorption of fats. Chemicals and fibers present in the seeds bind to bad fats and prevent their deposition on the blood vessels. However, taking higher doses of it may cause damage to red blood cells.


It is the most important herb that is being used from centuries. It contains sulfur in it. Sulfur component is helpful in maintaining blood cholesterol levels. It improves the level of good cholesterol in the body. It prevents plaque formation in the arteries.


About 10gms of psyllium when taken reduces ldl level to about 9 percent. Including it in our daily diet can be of great help. Psyllium when taken in combination with oat bran is very effective.

Red Yeast Rice:

It has a wide range of therapeutic applications. Monacolin K is one of the most important ingredient present in it. This ingredient is vital for blocking the synthesis of cholesterol. It inhibits HMG-CoA reductase, a enzyme for synthesis. It regulates the level of hdl and ldl in the body. Taking 2.4 gms daily for about 12 weeks is proved to be beneficial.


It is effective for reducing triglycerides and cholesterol levels in the body. It acts as an antioxidant and prevents the oxidation of ldl. This event is vital for preventing atherosclerosis. Taking 25mg of guggul thrice a day for about 24 weeks is effective. However, it is not recommended for persons suffering from liver problems and diarrhea.

Other herbs that are effective to reduce cholesterol are thyme, red clover, gaurana, burdock root, ginseng, aloe vera, turmeric and dandelion.

Tips for Cholesterol Reduction

Few tips that have to be followed include:

  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol.
  • Regular exercises.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid ghee, ice cream, pastries and sugar.’>

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