How Often You Get Your Cholesterol Checked?

How often you get your cholesterol checked? Well, if we have to go by the recommendations of the American Heart Association, it should be done every 5 years by every individual above the age of 20 years. This article tries to gain further insight on this often ignored but very essential topic.

How Often You Get Your Cholesterol Checked?

Cholesterol is the pre cursor for a range of ailments. Some of these diseases are heart complications, type 2 diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Inactivity, eating high carb foods, smoking and drinking are other prevalent factors which raise the fat levels in our body. Unfortunately, there are no symptoms for increased levels of fat in our body. It can only be known by carrying out a test called lipid panel test.

This test measures levels of all the lipids like low-density protein, high-density protein, triglycerides and the sum of all these cholesterol types known as total cholesterol. Each of these forms has its own pre-defined level in our body. Exceeding these levels imply commencement of heart problems. LDL is called bad cholesterol as it shrinks the pathways of the blood called arteries and veins with cell debris called plaque. Triglycerides in excess also proves to be harmful. But the levels of HDL should be high. It is called good cholesterol as it removes the accumulated plaque and reduces the risk of heart disease.

In infants and young children, this test is required if it is to be confirmed that high cholesterol levels is inherited by the children from the parents. There are different names given to lipid tests in children depending on their age groups. But these tests need not be carried out periodically as is the case with adults. According to the American paediatric academy, this test need not be carried out for infants below the age of 2 years.

It is only awareness on this topic which can help you to answer queries like how often you get your cholesterol checked.

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