Why it is Necessary Interpreting Your Cholesterol Results ?

Symptoms of high cholesterol levels cannot be observed easily. A test called lipid profile test is carried to known the fat level. According to the American Heart Association, this test is recommended for everyone above the age of 20 years. It should be carried out every 5 years periodically. This article tries to understand interpreting your cholesterol results.

Why it is Necessary Interpreting Your Cholesterol Results ?

There are several new devices in the market which can provide your cholesterol levels easily. They are user-friendly and cost effective too. They can help you to check the fat level in the privacy and convenience of your homes. All these devices require is a drop of our blood. When this drop of blood is placed on a special type of test strip, the color of the strip changes. The devices compares the color of the strip with the pre-defined color representing cholesterol levels ranging from 150-300 mg/dL. Once the result of the test is displayed in minutes, interpreting your cholesterol results should be the next obvious step.

What You Should Know Before Interpreting Your Cholesterol Results ?

Total cholesterol level is sum of three forms of fat. They are LDL, HDL and Triglycerides. LDL is called bad cholesterol. It blocks the arteries and veins of heart with cell debris called plaque. This is the main cause of heart disease. HDL is known as the good cholesterol. It reduced the risk of heart diseases by removing the plaque. Triglycerides in high levels can be pre-cursor for physical disorders like obesity, diabetes and kidney disease apart from heart ailments. That is why, the levels of LDL and Triglycerides should be low and the levels of HDL should be high. The level of fat in the blood is measured in terms of mg for every deciliter of blood. Ideally, these levels are considered:

  • Normal when it is less than 150.
  • On borderline-high when it is in between 150 – 199.
  • High when it is between 200 – 499.
  • Very high when it is 500 or above.

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