What is Cholesterol Test Preparation ?

Cholesterol is a pre-cursor to a range of ailments. Unfortunately there are no symptoms to detect this substance’s higher levels in the blood. A test called lipid profile is carried out to find this fat’s level. This article tries to understand cholesterol test preparation.

What is Cholesterol Test Preparation ?

For Adults:

  • The patient has to stop taking certain medications way before the date of test.
  • Prior to this test, the patient is advised to fast for 14 hours.
  • During these hours of fasting, an individual can drink only water.
  • One cannot drink alcohol 48 hours prior to taking this test.
  • Fasting helps in proper understanding of the fat levels in the blood.
  • The test provides information on total cholesterol level.
  • It is the sum of three forms of cholesterol namely the triglycerides, good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL).

For Infants and Children:

The cholesterol test preparation for young children depends upon their age. These tests are:

S.No. Age Group The Test
1. 0 – 1 Infant Test
2. 1 – 3 Toddler Test
3. 3 – 6 Pre-schooler Test
4. 6 – 12 School-age Test
5. 12 – 18 Adolescent Test

When is Cholesterol Test Preparation Needed ?

According to the American Heart Association, it is recommended to undergo lipid profile test every 5 years after an individual crosses 20 years. This recommendation is significant keeping the unhealthy food habits and erratic work style we are used to in recent times. For infants and young children, these tests are not required to be carried out periodically. But in order to confirm any hereditary inheritance in a child of high cholesterol levels, this test can be carried out. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, children belonging to the age group of 2 – 10 years can undergo this test. Otherwise, infants below this age group are too small to undergo this test.

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